Even the sun dared not rise,
The stars dared not shine,
The moon hid her glamour and bright,
Only the dark clouds and shadows of the night.
Daughters of the land wailed,and filled the earth with their tears
Fathers buried their faces deep,
Elbows on their knees,fingers on chins
Mamas shaved their hairs clean,
All feeble and weak for lack of sleep!
The sons of the soil were no more,
The young men were all gone!

All they could do was weep!


Take You to My Mama

Take you to my mama I will,
That has been a reserve for only you my queen.
It has been four,now five awesome years.
I’ve had to rid myself off all fears
Just to let you know all that has been within,
that my mind,soul and heart you did win.

You are she,that she’ll absolutely love
Not just the smile and figure that makes heads turn,
But your character that beats all,
just the perfect one.
Your heart, that has hurt and bled,
Been broken, but still is a fountain flowing with love.
That you know how to hold a jembe,
Hard work, labour, is part of your DNA;
That would send her making sigalagala,
The whole gweng will know her son found a woman!
A worthwhile woman!

Of learning,you learnt from the best
decency and respect,
of values your grandma’s generation esteemed
Mama will bless the lands from where you were raised,
thank the heavens for you,my beloved
pray that your womb be as fruitful,
With her second generation that will stay faithful,
To the values that you have learnt,and which you hold.

So take you to my mama I will,
My beloved


Response to https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=844763742400664&id=100006011370935 by Luciey Ngotho



I must now go
the ancestors are yet to call,
But I must go
For the Earth is filled with masira
Nothing is working right.
I must go now,Ayoo!

Let not your fathers bury me
Nor your mothers come wailing
I have no will left
I’m taking an eternal break.

My children they chased
and had my beloved raped
After all,they weren’t “our” blood.
Ayoo,I’m done!!

I found Nyambura’s body
lying lifeless by the lake
This pain I could not take!
Was tribe worth all this hate?
I had married a beautiful soul
and condemned her to this fate!

With my beloved gone
And my children gone
I must now go!
I can not manage alone!
I have no will left,
and so I drove a knife through my chest!


Let Go…

I heard the preacher preach,
“Depression kills
and nothing but the grave it fills.”
The drift begins from within,
so let someone in.

Your walls raised so high
but from afar we hear the cries,
Pain is all we see.
Of tears,God knows you’ve cried a sea.
Strong you seem at times,
Truth, it is for but a while.

Tell me what you see
when you look at me.
It has been tough!
how long it took,months?
Years maybe!
I’ve been there,i know how it feels.
It may take time to heal,
but alone you can’t,
so let someone in!

Take up your burdens
piece by piece if need be,
You will never miss a friend
who through thick and thin will stick.
Take comfort in knowing your pain,
will never be at anytime in vain.

Open up your heart and soul
Many have walked down that road
and you’ve come from far beating odds
make that burden light,share!
This i believe,
to you will prove a great relief.
You are a champion stay strong!


I Will Dream Again


The streets were paved in gold
I forgot all about dusty Githurai
The silence was strangely odd
but inviting.
Birds flew low,
The finch and the sparrow
Bird-of-paradise and albatross
Sweet autumn!

The winds whispered in my ear

The trees swayed in harmony
A soulful whistling
Dusk was falling in rapidly.
The rays of the dying sun,
Painting the hills with love.
Autumn;a symphony of texture and pattern.


It would be dark soon.
Soon,the moon will catwalk in the dark night
The stars will twinkle in delight
and the birds chirp in praise of her
Tides will rise,and join in the rythm
Leaves will fall,and bow to her
Others will for a moment stand still,at least
And stare at the naked beauty of this queen
That clothes all with peace.
The man in the Sahara will fall asleep
And dream,
Dream about this beauty in the heavenly realm.
And will wake up next day,
To the scorching sun of the desert.
But I,
I will dream again
I will fall asleep and dream again.
I will dream again,autumn.

*Trial and error* haha

Love Lost

I once met a beautiful heart
My heart had not yet known hurt
Slowly,romantically, and without haste
I decided this was it.
A chance I wasn’t gonna waste.

A Luopean goddess,well endowed
A beauty to behold,God knows.
Simple and sweet.
Memories sweet,we’d together make.
Have kids and raise them to be the best
Share our love into old age.

I collected myself and asked her out
And bam! That night a beautiful thing sprout.
Love,i never felt before
In the same way Nyar Aloo,i adored!

Weeks passed,turned into months
Nine months.
We paid the dowry
Twelve bulls and a bag of cowry
We had nothing whatsoever,to worry.

A cool calm Saturday it was,
Friends and family filled the hall
Soon,her father would be walking her down the isle
We’d have an exchange of rings and vows.
Ella had told me every queen needs a King,
I was here,ready for my queen.

One hour we waited,Nyar Aloo didn’t turn up
Stranded and alone in the altar
I called her father,an elder i revered
Turns out I had been deceived!
All along Nyar Aloo was married!

This is how the Aloo’s had dung smeared
All over mine face,with no fear
Tears of a man in pain!
Couldn’t even trickle down my face.

Damn it if I fall in love again!
Damn love!
I couldn’t have it anyway
All I had had just been blown away!

Men Also Cry


That night he came in unusually early
Never been that sober in a long time
Fear rushed through my weakly body
Just the other day,
I watched in silence
As the beast of man in my uncle
Held my brother from the back
From the back he thrust in and out
Moaning and groaning.
Panting and sweating.
Then kicked him on the floor.
This night,
it was my turn.
My bad!

He came in thtough the front door,
all smiles
I hated this son of a gun.
Turned us into his wives
Raping us in turns
Unable to utter a word,nor cry
I coiled into the corner
my body turned all cold and smaller
And for an hour or so,he went on

For God’s sake! he was supposed to mould us
But decided to quench his lustful thirst on us.
But we were only children!
Two weaklings
Too weak to resist
With no where to turn to
Who would have spoken for us?

Joy comes in the morning,they say
But my nights i dread…

A campaign against rape on the male.

Inspiration Monday: Filling the well.

Danny Gregory

Several experiences topped up my well of inspiration. Maybe they’ll feed you too.

I’ve been reading Brian Grazer’s book, A Curious Mind. Grazer is a mega-successful movie producer (Splash, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, etc) and he identifies curiosity as the key to his success, his creativity and a happy and engaged life. By having an open and enquiring mind, he has been comfortable with risk taking and exploration. Curiosity is the spark that kindles new creative explorations.

If you can look at learning a new skill, like, say, drawing, as a thing to learn about and explore, rather than an grim evaluation of yourself and your skills, you will make eager progress. If you are genuinely curious to learn about people, you will search out new connections and ask questions without preconceptions. If you are curious, you will not let the past hold you back. If…

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